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After extensions - by Jozy
Before extensions - by Jozy

Bellami Extensions

Legato now has an extension specialist at each of our locations! Emily in Farmington and Jozy in Birmingham are certified Bellami extension artists. We know extensions are not a "one size fits all" type of service, and that's why they've trained and been certified in several methods.

Why Bellami?


You may have first heard of Bellami Extensions from beauty influencers like Guy Tang and Kylie Jenner, but celebs aren't the only ones wearing hair extensions anymore. People everywhere have figured out that switching it up with hair extensions is the most non-committal way to totally transform your look and make a huge impact on your appearance. And Bellami makes pulling off a total hair transformation a no-brainer with their quality and selection.


Bellami is one of the most recognized hair extensions brands in the world. Their extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair with the cuticle intact: luxury extensions with hair coming from a single donor, all strands facing the same direction, and with uniform thickness from root to tip. They are discreet, have less tangling, and look great for a long time.


Bellami has put a lot of thought and research into their color pallet. They have 50 pre-colored shades including beautiful natural shades, vivid fashion colors, and in-demand looks like Balayage, Ombre, Sombre and Rooted shades. Even though these quality extensions can be colored in the salon, with so many options, that usually isn't even necessary!


Are extensions right for you?


There are several important considerations that we discuss with you during the initial consultation, which help determine which type of extensions are best for you:

  • are you looking to fill in gaps in length or density? 

  • wanting to achieve more fullness all over?

  • growing out a shorter haircut and wanting a change in length/style?

  • looking for chemical-free highlights, lowlights, or balayage?

Are you prepared to see your stylist every 4-9 weeks to have your extensions moved up or taken out and put back in? This is essential to maintaining your hair’s integrity; in addition to washing and brushing at home with the recommended brush and shampoo


There are so many options when it comes to hair extensions! What we recommend to one guest may differ completely from what we recommend to another. Your hair type, condition, and preferred style are big determining factors in selecting the right type of hair extensions for you. Pricing varies depending on the technique used and the amount of hair used to create the look you want!

What's the average cost?


The cost of hair is separate from the cost of the service, because we use the same hair over multiple maintenance visits. Your hair cost will vary depending on the method, desired length, and your density. The initial and maintenance visit costs are based on the method and the number of packs of hair required to achieve your desired style.


Average Cost of Hair: $280-800

Average Cost of Initial Service: $200-400

Average Cost of Maintenance Service: $150-350


How do I get started?!


Call your preferred Legato location to schedule a 30 minute consultation - we'll go over all the details, maintenance, methods, color & length options. The $50 fee to secure your consultation appointment serves as a deposit towards your first extension appointment.

After extensions - by Emily
Before extensions - by Emily
After extensions - by Emily
Before extensions - by Emily

Let's chat!

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